How to merge lines

hi sambapos team.
Thank you for the great software
can you Tell me please how can I Disable the merge lines
While ticket printing

Thank you

Untick merge in the printer template.

I tried it it did not work

If an item has a quantity for more than 1 it will print as such. For example, if you have 5x Hot Dogs, it will print 5x Hot Dogs whether Merged is ticked or not.

If you have 1x Hot Dog repeated 5 times, then this will print each separately or if Merged is ticked, then it will print 5x Hot Dogs.

Using Merge will merge orders, but it will not break orders down to a quantity of 1 if unticked.

To completely split orders by quantity, you need to edit the Print Job and change Printing Content to individual order by quantity. Merge in the printer template will override this setting if ticked.

Thanks it works great