How to migrate from SQL Server 2012 Express to SQL Compact Edition

Hello samba team
Does anyone know
Is there a way to migrate from SQL Server 2012 Express to SQL Compact Edition (sdf file) ???

You can, but it’s a bit messy.
SQL Express also has a Local DB Server that you can install and use the same database but locally just like Compact SQL.

Thanks @JohnS
I want to go back to SQL Compact Edition
You can post a tutorial on how??

Ok, I will have to write it and test.

Why do you want to go back to CE?

Because it worked better and faster Before installing SQL Server 2012 Express And I want to to uninstall it
Thank you so much

@pizzaeilat4, how many terminals do you run SambaPOS on ?

@JohnS I use only one.

@pizzaeilat4 Please give a try to SQL Local DB like John suggested. It works as fast as SQL CE for me and it does not have missing features like SQL CE.

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we have a SQL express database configured :smile: ,
Now our waiters need to learn how to use it on there own pc.
What is the most simple way to send them the configuration?
If I could turn my DB back to a SDF file,…

Is it possible as asked above?

The best way is If you have database backup module you can backup and send them the file to restore on other pc.
Is it local Db?

i have SQ setup on my computer. Just want to install the sambapos download on waiter computer, without SQL database setup. Is that possible? + how?

There may be a path to convert SQ to CE, but even if you accomplish the task, you still need a DBMS (an Engine) to serve the DB, whether that be SQ or CE.

There are different versions of MS SQL. The LocalDB version is the most lightweight and has the smallest footprint, while the Express version is much much larger, though more full-featured and includes multi-user support.

In your case, I would recommend you install SambaPOS with SQL LocalDB on your “staff” computers. Then either use the built-in Backup/Restore features of SambaPOS, or use SQL Server Management Studio (SSMS) to copy/move the DB from one machine to another.