How to migrate from V4 to SambaPOS V5

Are you able to connect to the SQL Server remotely with SQL Server Management Studio?

Yes I’m able to do that…
I can connect with Windows 10 to the server

But not the 5 windows 7 workstations

Be sure your using mixed mode auth and not windows auth. Windows auth will not work well with win7 and win10

Hello Jesse yes definitely got that also :slight_smile:

thank you for that :slight_smile:

SQL Login

SQL Config 1
TCP Properties 1
TCP Properties 2

Please check my settings…

its still not working…
i’m missing something
even with the firewall off i cant see why its not working

Make sure you have Turn on Network discovery in your server too.


Hello Francisco :slight_smile:
thank you yes have that one all sorted on the server…

i also have the server and all workstations set to static…

Network Settings 2 - Static

Open cmd and enter ping or the ip adress of the server

This is the messaging service from workstation 2…
it can see the messaging server in the server
but cant see the database

ping server

I just tried something i had not done before…

i just tried entering into SambaPOS v5 on the server the
connection string…

because i before had assumed it was getting the latest data from the restored data file.

is the error normal to have from the server ???

how do we find in the logs or elsewhere ?
where the server or workstations are getting their data from ???

In your connection string instead of “POS-SERVER-PC” try putting the IP address of the server. Your database in the connection string is “SAMBA” but the db name is “SambaPOS4”

ALso for this:


You need to specify port 1433 for IP3, IP4, and IPALL.

THen restart the instance.

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Wooohoooo @Memo

You need to specify port 1433 for IP3, IP4, and IPALL. :white_check_mark:

THen restart the instance. :white_check_mark:

was what I was missing… thank you so so so much for that…

Regards Troy :smiley:

Yay the server and Workstation are connecting to DB :smiley:

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