How to open .sdf file created during samba pos installation

I want to open sambapos3.sdf file in my documents folder. How it is done.

Please see for v3 support

dont find anything relevant to my question sir. can you pls send me the screenshot.

This forum is for v4

then pls tell about it for samba v4. hope it will work for v3 too…

1,Open SQL Server Management Studio, or if it’s running select File -> Connect Object Explorer…
2,In the Connect to Server dialog change Server type to SQL Server Compact Edition
3,From the Database file dropdown select < Browse for more…>
4,Open your SDF file.

If you don’t want to install SQL Server Management Studio you can also use the [SQL Server Compact & SQLite Toolbox][1] for some tasks.

Very subjective this only works with very old version of MSSMS any newer version does not support this any more.

For v4 you should not be running SQL Compact its slower and underperforming the default is to run SQL Express LocalDB or a standalone server version.

That should work. PS. Just google SQL Compact Edition and you might be surprised.

Kudos on the diversion but there is a very good and very solid reason why discussions need to stay about version 4.

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