How to outsource 24/7 support for your clients?

I’ve been pondering on this question for a while now.

Here in Australia, almost every business that gets a Pos System would like ongoing support - especially through phone calls.

Has anyone been able to create a business model where they can provide 24/7 support to their clients?

I was thinking of perhaps outsourcing this and teaching someone in the Phillipines to use sambapos and teamviewer.

But I was wondering if there is something already in place that sambapos has created?

Or something more efficient that the resellers have been able to do?

Your ideas would be greatly appreciated!

I do it and at the moment I am doing it by myself. The way I organised is that I do the requests same day if the requests were made before 14:00 otherwise I do it next day. Unless its an emergency (total malfunction, cant issue orders or print bills/dockets), then I jump to it straight away.

I start with the default database I created that usually has functions that match majority of requests. Problem with outsourcing is that none of the setups are exactly the same and everyone wants something different which means different rules, different actions, different scripts etc. Unless someone knows exactly how you made the setup or whats different about it, you are going to be getting phone calls from the person/team you outsourced it and technically that didn’t really solve your problem of getting the load off and focusing on reselling.

Another thing is that you can pay 250$ per year to SambaPOS support team for them to provide remote support for your clients if you want to focus on reselling.

The only thing I would really be interesting in improving is some sort of support ticketing software where requests can be made and I can track it and close them off once finished. If you can recommend a good one that has reporting included, let me know.

Thanks for that insight @ATechAsia, it’s really good to hear your processes. Have you found you’ve needed to travel on site often?

HubSpot is a pretty good CRM tool that has a feature of Support Tickets. It might be included in the free version too! Here’s a link that might help you:

With regards to the sambapos remote support, I had a few questions:

  • Is it only activated per licence? Meaning we need to get a support package for each licence we buy?

  • Does it include both hardware and software support?

  • Who is running the 24/7 support? Is it it multiple people around the world?

Let me know if there’s a better place to redirect these questions!

99% of stuff can be solved over the phone or by remote connection.

Thanks! Ill have a look at the software :slight_smile:

Yes, per license.

I do it myself so I dont know whats part of the package. Send a question to they usually reply within an hour.

I am not sure, I think their help desk is based in Turkey. Feel free to contact support, they happily share all the details with you.