How to Prevent Zero Stocked Item Sales?

Following this link

Step by step to the end. I tested to make sure It works, but discover that Even when stock in inventory 0 the system prompt ¨Out of Stock! Last order cancelled." and still placed the order, giving me negative value in inventory. Instead of it to cancel the order automatically.

What have I done wrong please?

Hello @Okokhue_Ferdinard,

I made the necessary change on the mentioned document, now you will be able to cancel the order of 0 stocked item.


I followed the documents again step by step. Same issues. It does not cancel order at 0

I have identical setup and it works fine, there is an issue in your rule sets or actions.

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OK, I want to start afresh step by step using the document

Just like Okokhue_Ferdinard
I have followed this document to the letter.Kindly let me know where am going wrong and the constraint that am supposed to have for the different warehouses



the stock is available in the bar warehouse
but when i sell this happens

when i click ok the message disappear and i can sell the the item

hi ATech kindly offer your support on the post below,i have pasted my rules and actions

[=TN('{REPORT INVENTORY:{ITEM TAG:Alert}:Local Warehouse}')-TN('{TICKET ORDER QUANTITY TOTAL EXP:(MN=[:MenuItemName]) && (OS.Status=New)}')] |Less|1

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[quote=“ilyas, post:9, topic:21285”]
[=TN(’{REPORT INVENTORY:{ITEM TAG:Alert}:Local Warehouse}’)-TN(’{TICKET ORDER QUANTITY TOTAL EXP:(MN=[:MenuItemName]) && (OS.Status=New)}’)]

  [=TN('{REPORT INVENTORY:{ITEM TAG:Alert}:Bar Warehouse}')-TN('{TICKET ORDER QUANTITY TOTAL EXP:(MN=[:MenuItemName]) && (OS.Status=New)}')]

i also have different warehouses how can i control their stock
This is the same constraint and using,the result is just the same

Something is not adding up

Please send me your zipped database privately I will check whats wrong, I originally made this setup and to this day with two warehouses and two departments it works fine.

I do not know english
That’s why I express with pictures

thankyou sir,though am having a hard time reading your post

Google translate
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