How to print a receipt containing VAT info?

Hey Guys,

It’s my first week using Samba pos and im still bit lost so need your help on how to have the VAT info on the print receipts?

Also how can I add a logo and restaurant name on it.

I already read the tutorial on printing but I cant follow much.

Thank you very much :grinning:

FYI Tutorial topic is for posting tutorials - have changed to question.

Logo can be added to ticket by adding 1 of 2 ways.
Best method is loading logo into printer memory and sending command like kick code in place you want logo, this is often quickest printing method although newer printers are better at printing on the fly.
Seccond is adding line like
Where you put you image in root directory of c drive. Generally this is best done with a pure B&W image, cant remember if in needs to be BMP, used to.
Name is just adding lines in template, as in printing tutorial the letter is its justification ie L left, C center J justified. and numbers are width and height (for EPOS printer mode, HTML and Document printers use different formatting methods. ie:

<C11>Business Name Here
<C00>Address 1
<C00>Address 2  etc

VAT you need to setup taxes;

Please refer to forum and as all your questions are well covered.

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