How to print bill after payments

Hi All,
Can any one help me on this,
Once the payment is finished i need to print receipt.
I have given a try with reprint order button but no luck.

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Add Print Bill action to the Ticket Closing rule. The correct rule will have Mark Ticket as Closed action already in it.

Thanks John its working fine now!!

I have added the bill print action to closing rule, it working (printing the bill after the payment) but another problem is, when I go to a table to check what are the orders on that particular table, it print the bill again as soon as i press the close button,
basically i need print only once the payment is being made, not every time I being to a table no: to check the orders.
Could you please help me?


i also have the same issue i added the print rule to ticket closing rule now when i close the ticket after taking order it prints a receipt even if no payment has been made?

can you suggest what to do?

Whenever you click CLOSE, the Ticket Closing event is triggered. If you need the Bill to print after payment you need to add the print job to the Ticket Payment Check Rule

ok but sometimes some restaurant issue a receipt before paying amount mostly if paid by credit card
so in this case we should stick to the ticket closing rule if not then ticket payment check.

am i right?

Then create an Automation Command button to print the Bill on demand.
Then use my example above to print once payment has been made.