How to print both invoice and Recipt?

How to print both invoice and Recipt ?

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Can you explain more. What invoice? And when do you want receipt printed?

@kendash , @emre I think Invoice is A4 Size paper with all tax and payment details, also remit details account number etc. it is good if u have customers and need to send invoice and also statement which created a monthly shows the transaction for the customer and balance to pay is good if some one implement this looking forward for this.

Invoice is mean: i want to print the bill to customer for checking how much they will pay
Receipt is mean: i want to print the bill when customer paid money

i want to print invoice before Cash

Yes, you can do this.

Make a separate Print Job and (optionally) a separate Printer Template for each.

Set up Execute Print Job Actions for each Print Job.

Use Rules to have the different Print Jobs fire when you so desire. This could be via a button (Automation Command) for Invoice, and Payment Processed Event for Receipt.

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we created Print Invoice and Invoice template at to Print Job but it’s not working

So you did the first part of what he said… did you do the last 2? Create the actions and rules?

Create the actions and rules?
How to do this?

If your not sure how to create actions and rules I suggest you research the forum more and get a good basic understanding because actions and rules are the building blocks of SambaPOS. Look through the various tutorials they show multiple examples of actions and rules usage.

Now i created action & rule for invoice print but when click print bill (before cash ) it’s print both receipt and invoice

what should i do next ?