How to print inventory sorted alphabetically / by stock quantity?

Hi all,

I’m running a snack shop, so i’m managing lots of inventory in my warehouse.
Every month, i’m doing stock check where i’m comparing the stock data on Sambapos to actual stock in my warehouse.

Right now i’m using inventory report from Report section to print my inventory.
But i can’t sort the stock alphabetically before i printed it, so looking for an item takes time.
I can look at the Warehouse section and sort them alphabetically, but i can’t print them since there’s no print option on the Warehouse section.

Is it possible to sort the stock alphabetically / by stock quantity before i printed it on Sambapos?
I know one way to do it is with Custom Reports Module, but i’m not familiar with SQL…
I looked at the custom reports tutorial but i still don’t have any idea wher to get the templates / codes for SQL


We’ll have some more options with V5 release. Thanks.

Thanks before Emre!