How to print {ORDER TAGS} independently from {ORDERS}?

Didn’t he tried this already?

A15,38,0,3,1,1,N,"* {ORDER TAG NAME}"

@sukasem as his {ORDERS} tag was also in quotes that probably produced invalid quote structure. That’s why I’ve requested to see a demo printer output.

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@aznwonderboy can you please try what @Jesse posted here and share your results with us?

please note you should still need to adjust command parameters accordingly as we just copy pasted your commands to let you understand where you input your barcode printer commands.

PS: Sorry it is a little hard to produce exact template from command definitions without testing it physically with a printer :wink:

I edited it with a guess on your codes for the positioning. I have no idea where that puts it… I dont have the printer to test it.

This is exactly what I did. We’re getting closer, but there’s still a problem. When there are multiple order tags (modifiers), it only prints one.
Here is what I did:

  1. Create order of Mocha Frappe with 3 modifiers:

  2. This is what it printed in notepad (demo printer):

  3. This is what the Zebra label printer printed:

It seems like only the last modifier was included. The other 2 disappeared because they were coded on the same line (same x and y position)

So what if you do not include that code at all what does it do? I mean use a 0 for the order tag line only.

If I don’t include a command line A15,65,0,3,1,1,N,in front of “{ORDER TAG NAME}”, then it won’t print the order tags.

I mean what if you do this:

A15,0,0,3,1,1,N,in front of "{ORDER TAG NAME}"

try this change.

A15,38,0,3,1,1,N,"{PRODUCT NAME}"
A15,68,0,3,1,1,N,"{ORDER TAGS}"


That will resolve to

"*whipped cream\n
*extra espresso\n
*sub almond milk\n"

and I expect it to break \n to new lines.

if \n does not break to a new line you should find related EPL command to create a new line.

[quote]A15,0,0,3,1,1,N,in front of “{ORDER TAG NAME}”[/quote] does not print the tags at all.

However, this code:

gives me this:

All the tags showed up, but when the line gets too long the words overlap on the same line. It doesn’t go down to the next line.

try what @emre just suggested.

Unfortunately, adding \n at the end does not break the tags to new lines either. All the tags are still in one line and overlap once the text runs out of room on the paper.

It looks like I need to find another way to break to new line automatically. It seems like I have to manually code each data line for horizontal and vertical position.

By the way, can anyone suggest how to do the [1 of 2] and [2 of 2] on the label? I looked at another thread with the same question, but the {TICKET QUANTITY SUM} does not show the total number of drinks. Is it because I used Separated Prints by Quantity?

Did you find an answer to for printing 1 of {TICKET QUANTITY SUM}

Unfortunately, I don’t have a solution for this yet.

I now have a solution for my original question:

My original label printer (Zebra LP 2824) uses EPL so it does not have a code for word-wrapping or automatically breaking to new line. As a result, a long line of text overlaps on itself when there are too many order tags. Therefore, I bought a new label printer (Zebra LP 2824 Plus) which uses ZPL codes that can create a field-block or text-block. The code ^FB works for me.

This is the printout:

Within all those codes, ^FB400,5 supposedly creates a field block that can contain 400 characters and 5 lines of text.

I’m very satisfied so far. Thanks to @sukasem, @Emre, and @Jesse for helping me with this. :smile:


Thanks, your label looks pretty much exactly as I imagine how is like mine.
At the minutes I’ve just borrowed a friends little brother to play with.
Never actually used a zebra printer but I believe (or at least the ones I’ve seen) That they use a transfer ribbon?
Is the model you have like this?
My personal preference is towards thermal as it’s just one more thing to run out of or for someone to mess up.

Only some Zebra models are transfer thermal that require ribbons (any model that has the “TLP” in its name). The Zebra LP2824 Plus is a direct thermal printer.

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Really! thanks for pointing that out, very useful fact.

Ill leave this great tool here for anyone dealing with a zpl printer.


That looks very very useful :wink:
Was dreading the thought of having to learn another form of code lol