How to Print Price Tag using Order Tag on Receipt

i have a price tag MP and i would likt to print the price tag name on the receipt

i have try this but its not working any other suggestions:

– Default format for orders
[{PRICE TAG} 30% Discount]

if price tag exists print the name and 30 % Discount

i think the [ ] stop it from printing, remove the square brackets and try again

yes its printing if i remove the [] brackets but i want it only to print when there exists MP,TP price tag

Check if there is a tag {PRICE TAG:X} if there is it might be thst you need instead

{PRICE TAG} # have only not with X

Take out from Under [ORDERS] put it under {ORDERS} keep the brackets

Add justification tag.

i have tried

[{PRICE TAG} 30% Discount]

but output:

1 Olivas Beef Lasagne $11.13
1 Mushroom Soup $5.90
{PRICE TAG} 30% Discount]

it should be

1 Olivas Beef Lasagne $11.13
Monday Promotion 30% Discount
1 Mushroom Soup $5.90

I can’t write the tags but you need justification tags

[J00{PRICE TAG} blah]

My phone wont let me put the tags around J00

so you need to start the line with

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i have tried with the

[<“J00”>{PRICE TAG} 30% Discount]

dont mind the “” i also couldnt put the tag so used “” to show u

@Jesse any other suggestions??? i really need to know!!

@emre Listed {PRICE TAG} tag useful for reading order’s assigned price tag. That works for orders.

cant print price tag

so now i would need a suggestion that i have set Promotion on monday and i want to print this on receipt how can i do that?

like add a modifier when rule is executed it will set the modifier as Discounted then later this can be printed on receipt using order tag!!!

You cant use brackets like that when using them under a heading like [ORDERS]

I mislead you I am sorry I do not use {PRICE TAG} so I did not look to see that it is an Order Value Tag. So it would not be able to be used like you mention.

its ok it happens but can u suggest me how shall i proceed as i have mentioned

this is what i want to achieve
add a order tag Promo Discount when the promotion rule is triggered use action to display Promo Discount order tag value.

i have order tag:

***no mapping done


but i am not sure how to show it on order line

@QMcKay you have done a similar task for discount with order tag can you please help me with this thanks

I think it would be:

<L00>{ORDER TAG:Promo Discount}

i have tried this not working

[ORDER TAGS:Promo Discount]
[{ORDER TAGS:Promo Discount}]
{ORDER TAGS:Promo Discount}

i think some changes have to be done in action or rule

your using ORDER TAGS change it to be ORDER TAG as qmckay suggested

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Use {ORDER TAG:x}.

not {ORDER TAGS:x}

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i have tried without s also nothing shows on order line nor on receipt