How to Print Price Tag using Order Tag on Receipt

i have tried this not working

[ORDER TAGS:Promo Discount]
[{ORDER TAGS:Promo Discount}]
{ORDER TAGS:Promo Discount}

i think some changes have to be done in action or rule

your using ORDER TAGS change it to be ORDER TAG as qmckay suggested

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Use {ORDER TAG:x}.

not {ORDER TAGS:x}

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i have tried without s also nothing shows on order line nor on receipt

i have checked the rule is not updating order tag i think something is wrong with the action

i even put the same action on command button but nothing is happening meaning its not executing the action!!!

why and what can be done?? any suggestions @QMcKay and @Jesse or @RickH

What is the action Monday Lunch Promo? And your Tags are Monday Promotion and Tuesday Promotion but I do not see any reference to those at all in the action? How does the action know which tag to use if you have not told it? That action works you are just not using it correctly.

ohh is it then how do i telll or if can i just use one tag

@qmckay has built some very good discount tutorials using order tags very similar to how your attempting to use them. I would recommend reading those thoroughly to get a good grasp.

Here is a good one to start with:

As you can see in his tutorial you can use 1 tag.

i have checked followed the same concept thtat’s y i wonder where i am wrong

i have change order tag and action also

I am not sure what you mean by

The screenshots you have shown are completely different than his. Notice in his Order Tag Value is the same as the Order Tag… not to be confused with Order Tag Group…

Perhaps the action is where the confusion can be. Order Tag Name is referring to the Order Tag Group… Order Tag Value refers to the actual Order Tags.

i thought you can put any value in the order tag it will overwrite it…finally you corrected me thanku @kendash

*******now its working

@emre I know @qmckay has brought this up multiple times but I thought I would mention it as well. As you can see here

Naming can be confusing at times. Example when creating Order Tags you define an Order Tag Group and then you add Order Tags. But in the Tag Order Action instead of calling it Order Tag Group Name it says Order Tag Name and instead of saying Order Tag Name it says Order Tag Value. This confuses a lot of people and leads to bad configurations.

@emre it took me one whole day to know where i was wrong at the end @kendash help out cleared my concept

—>{ORDER TAGS:x} on receipt

Is {ORDER TAGS:X} even a syntax? I thought it was {ORDER TAG:X}

well i got the tag from modifier tutorial as @emre states:

I’ve added [ORDER TAGS:General Modifiers] section and left it empty. I’ve just added a comment to remember how I’m using it. That means General Modifiers will use [ORDER TAGS:General Modifiers] section and all other tags will use [ORDER TAGS] section.

but on the template layout it does show {order tag: x}

@madiha you are referring to a printer template section. We use [ORDER TAGS] section to define template for printing order tags. Notice square brackets.

@Jesse thank you for noticing that. That action was implemented before order tags had a value feature but I’ve kept action parameter names not to break current implementations. I’ll correct them with a major version update.

ok got it {order tags} will print direct value

and [order tags] is used to indicate order modifier

This is a Template Section:


This is a Template Tag:


Where x is the name of the Order Tag Group. So when using {ORDER TAG:Promo Discount}, the Ticket should print the current value of the Order Tag Group called Promo Discount. From your original screenshot, it should print Monday Promotion or Tuesday Promotion.

thnk u @QMcKay got the point {ORDER TAG:X} can directly be used without using the template section and template tag can be used in the top section of template