How to print QR code


I have tried many combinations of the: tag but nothing seems to work. I am hoping to see a QR code like this one on the printed ticket:

I have tried stuff like this in several places of the template:

<QR>7749874 31/07/2016 2035774736 6635

Please notice that I have also tested printing to “Microsoft XPS Document Writer” and “Microsoft Print to PDF” (both with Printer Type: HTML). Both give the same results as the preview.
nothing seems to work. I have also tried <BAR> and <BAR13> and both work fine even in the “Preview” panel when editing the printer template.

Can anyone please provide a sample template with a QR Code and the conditions that the printer or printer emulator must meet?

Printer should be set to ESC/POS mode in SambaPOS.