How to print ticket tag name

is there any way to print ticket tag name?

we can print the ticket tag value by {Ticket Tag:X}

but how can we print X

Ticket Tag: X
Ticket Tag Value: 5

You would not need to print ticket tag name you can insert it in something like this [<J00>PMT {PAYMENT}] it will show the line only if it gets a value for {PAYMENT} it will show as PMT 4.00 etc. You manually type your tag name. If {PAYMENT} has no value for example it will not print the line at all.

That was a crude example not a working one. I can show you samples of it in use with my template

More incoming…

Here is how I show my Credit card Type used ticket tag in my ticket

[<L00>CC Info  {TICKET TAG:CCtype} ({TICKET TAG:CCdigits})]

Notice I typed CC info to title it. You can insert a line for each Ticket Tag name and it will only display it if it finds value for that tag.


thanks this is what i wanted to achieve

Another example… I only want Change Due to show if there actually is change… I do not want a Change Due 0.00 So i used:

[<J10>|Change Due|     {CHANGE TOTAL}]

This tells it to only print the line if it finds value for {CHANGE TOTAL} otherwise it wont print the line at all. I am talking about the [] encapsulation

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now i am wondering what does

|Change Due| do ?

Its formatting so it aligns like I want… example coming…

I have mine aligned specifically like that.

so it will align right

Not really its not right aligned its justified. so no matter how large the amount i aligns the same… example:

Notice the amounts 472.40 and 7.88 does not matter how large of an amount, the Column on left with my totals and taxes etc stays aligned the same.

I used same method to align my Ticket# OP# TE# and TR#

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ok got it …something new for me thanks

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