How to produce an report based on specific tax individually as well as create an csv file

Hello everyone,

So my issue is that currently I am trying to create an report on specific tax . As i did create 5% tax for Dine in And 6 % tax for take away. so while creating an report i would to know how i could individually know the taxable amount as well as tax of 5% as well as 6%.And i also need to create an csv report of these tax.It would be helpful if someone could help me with this issue. ASAP…

If you setup as seperate tax accounts the solit should show on default work period report.

Si comprendo bien. Talvez deseas un informe separado… ejemplo:
{REPORT PAYMENT DETAILS:T.Tax:Name} en donde name es el nombre del impuesto.

Sorry I cant access the specific tax. is there any other other option to access the tax in report