How to purchase a second license


Hi team, I want to setup a new SambaPOS in my second coffee shop… so now, I dont know how to purchase a new license.

Im an older SambaPOS buyer and configurator (since 2015), please your help.



Contact a reseller in your area to buy an additional license. You will need a separate email other than your original one you used to buy first license with. If you have trouble finding a reseller near you msg me and we can work something out. I am a reseller in the USA



Is it just me of is that site questionably similar to sambapos own official website?

If we’re just posting links I also sell licence on my site,
V5 licence only £99GBP - PayPal accepted.


Questionably similar?
Clearly because I used the graphics from the previous site of sambapos.
I accept credit cards and paypal

best regards

Official Reseller from


I know you listed on the resellers page, as am I.
I said that as I remember your site from before samba updated and it was virtually a straight copy which personally I find questionable as portraying yourself as sambapos rather than insipendednt reseller but either way dont stress.


did you seen my contact page? it says reseller


Fellas your both big we don’t need a size contest :stuck_out_tongue:


@QMcKay … I dont know whats happend with licensing in sambapos… I just wanna a one more license… so now its appear like a Resellers Contest … all of them selling the same thing without anything additional

I think that a reseller is a good partner if u need to know how to setup the POS … so in my case I rememba the simple and efficient sambamarket … :disappointed_relieved:

Kendash… I will contact you!



@anjorive just shoot me a private msg and we can discuss details. Or email me at


I don’t sell licenses and I am not employed by SambaPOS. I cannot help you in this regard.


I offer full services for setup at additional fees. There is no way I could offer a license for $99 and give any additional setup services. The $99 is reseller cost now so most of us don’t sell just licenses but those of us that do will typically charge $149 to recoup some costs of doing business.

My setup services for custom features is not going to be cheap. There is significant time and resources involved for custom setups.

Don’t let what I said scare you though. If all you want is a license I can sell you one for $149. Just private msg me or send me an email.


purchased. good price ! :slight_smile:


Hello @JTRTech ,

I have just purchased v5 license and 2 mobile license .

How do I activate them ?



Hi @kendash, sorry to disturb you, do you know how to activate license bought out from samba store ?



I found in v5 license description , that account will be created for in b2b in 24-48 hours.


Samba store? You mean JTRtech online store? He has to create your account etc.


@begench thanks for your order, I did email you to check you wanted them in the same account as you used a different email on checkout for the app licences than the one you put for the v5 licence, wasn’t sure if maybe you had multiple samba installs, but haven’t heard back from you.
You won’t be able to activate yet as I have not created your sambapos account as awaiting answer to the above question.


Hi Joe,

I replied to your email.
Waiting for your response asap.




Sorry to disturb you on Sunday, I need to activate license urgently,

Can you please activate my account, 2 mobile license and one V5 license