How to read/access Ticket's Properties from Custom Printer's filename field?


I am having difficulties when reading Ticket Tags value from inside the Custom Printer’s filename field!, how to do it properly?, if it hasn’t been implemented, please implement it a.s.a.p.

From where you are trying to execute this print job?

{TICKET NO} is only available from Ticket/Ordering screen.

Set a local variable and try using {SETTING:VariableName} in the filename. If that doesn’t work you could try sending a parameter through, but I’ve had problems with that before.

Postflow :
From POS->Table Name->Automation Command->And a Button

josephrussell :

Should it be like these ? :


Hmm doesn’t work…

Instead of {SETTINGS:VariableName}, it should be {SETTING:VariableName}, now it works!, Thanks @josephrussell !

My bad. I know better it’s SETTING not SETTINGS. Good job on getting it working.