How to refresh database

Im working on a script at the moment which updates prices of the database, howwever it doesnt update until I next create a ticket, is there anyway to force update?

You mean for orders already rung in?

Not if the order has been rung in, but if you put anther order in, how can you get it to update. i thought refresh cache would work.

This is something I’m interested in as on a multi terminal site only the pos worked on updates until all are rebooted.

If we could get them to refresh the database then they would work straight away?


That should work. But you don’t want to be doing it often, because it basically reloads the DB into memory which takes some time, thus slows things down.

I would imagine this is a chunk of whats happening during the ‘loading…’ screen on startup?

Yes, exactly. And that is what facilitates the speed at which SambaPOS is able to operate after initial load.