How to remove .00 from price?

i want to remove (.00) from price & total & product prices
thank you

You can’t remove from UI but you can change format for printouts with [=FF('{TICKET TOTAL}','#')] expression. When you replace {TICKET TOTAL} with that, it removes decimals while printing ticket total. More info here Printer Template Formatting Tags

Mr emre thank you very much for your answer
i want to remove 0.00 from product prices in ticket (html tamplate)
{name} {qyt} {price i want remove 0.00}

@azl1990, use what @emre has indicated, using the FF() function to remove decimals:

<J00>{QUANTITY} {NAME}|[=FF('{PRICE}','#')] [=FF('{TOTAL AMOUNT}','#')]

More specifically, for your case, replace {PRICE} with [=FF('{PRICE}','#')].

More information on formatting can be found here:

thank you for help me i attach the image for my problem

the (qyt) in ticket is not nice each number appear in different side the irregular design

this is my tamplate:




thank you again

Use the <J00> tag with pipe separators to justify output so it looks nice.

<J00>{NAME} | {QUANTITY} | [=FF('{TOTAL AMOUNT}','#')]

i am try this see the result

what can do now ?

I don’t know how it will affect the print when using those types of fonts. You may need to change to a different printer type for better support. What you are experiencing now is line-wrapping.

Try to decrease the Line Character Count on the printer so that the lines don’t wrap.

there is no result same problem :frowning:

Please post a screenshot of your printer settings and the printer template so we can understand what might be misconfigured.