How to remove Entity from ticket

I have a setup so that when a cashier logs into the POS they are automatically added as a staff entity to the ticket once they add the first item.

If i need to add a customer entity to the ticket i need to remove the staff entity from the ticket. I have a setup where the customer entities have a customer number field, and when this customer number is entered via the keypad the entity on the ticket updates and the staff entity is removed and the customer entity added - PERFECT!!

HOWEVER, if i manually add the customer by using the select customer button the customer entity is added but the staff entity DOES NOT remove. what action/rule do i need to add so that when a customer entity is added using the select customer button the staff entity is removed?

anyone know how to remove an entity once added? As above when i add a customer entity i want the staff entity to be removed from the ticket

Try one of these Events in a Rule:

Entity Selected
Ticket Entity Changed
Entity Updated

With this Action:

Change Ticket Entity

Your Constraints could be:

Entity Type Name Equals Customers

Then execute the Action to set:

Entity Type: Staff
Entity Name: blank
Update Null Entity: true?

i cant get the combination right, anyone know the correct settings to remove my Staff entity