How to remove the necessity to "select customer"?

Hello guys, i was using Samba 2.99 at my restaurant and now im upgrading to V4 and im having some difficults to configure it to operate similar to 2.99. Back on 2.99 i was using “Fast-food” style, with no need to select customer or table to close the ticket. The ticket closes automatically after payment is done.

Now on Samba V4, after the payment is done i have to select a customer so i can close the ticket. This is very time consuming and i dont need it. I want the ticket to close automatically after the payment. Just like fast-food style.
I tried to change “Ticket Creation Method” to create ticket but i still need to select a customer after the payment.

I need help to configure it properly.
Thank you in advance, SambaPOS is an awesome piece of software.

Did you log out and back in ?

If you’ve configured fast payment buttons you can add Close Ticket action to the payment button rule.

Thank you, after your answer i searched for “fast payment button” and found how to create it.

I have only one more question. How do i create a button to show the change in the payment screen?

Thank you.

Fast Cash buttons are usually placed under the ticket, not on the payment screen. Showing change due is automatic, so it looks like you may have messed up the payment screen.

Your payment buttons seems lost :slight_smile: The reason might be foreign currency misconfiguration or payment type mappings.

If you didn’t configured anything serious yet I’ll suggest you to reset database and start from scratch.