How to reset the transactions to zero in the trial version?

I am still in the development and setting up phase of the V5 using trial version on my laptop. It seems to have reached the “50?” orders limit and register notices constantly popping up, How to clear out the old orders so that I can continue test and defining my system without killing the menus, and such in the system?

Transaction limit on V5 should be 500 tickets.

You can delete all transactions by following the instructions here:

Look like my assumption that the Activation Warnings popping up caused by the transaction limits is wrong. So, let me check out what those Activation Warnings actually are before asking for help again.

What is version of SambaPOS you are using? After you login, double click the SambaPOS logo in top left to make the app into a window, then the version is shown on the title bar, like this:

The logo is NON-clickable
Here is the screen I get

Double click the logo anyway to bring it to window mode. BTW you have to be logged in for it to work.

here is the pic with the version no.
When you say I have to log in for it lo work, do you mean I have to log in the
If you refer to the POS itself, I did typed in the 1234 pin to log into run the software.

@Jesse something odd about that version number… 5.1.60 shouldn’t have a build date of 23 November 2016…

Looks like he is using an older expired beta version of .60 somehow. Those versions expire after so long since beta refreshes so fast.

I was also thinking it was related to that, but 5.1.61 has been in beta since end June 2016. 5.1.60 was released in 10 June 2016, so 5.1.60 shouldn’t have any build date after June 2016 unless Emre updated something but there is nothing I can find on the forum about that.

@WingoLED where did you download this software from? Was it from or elsewhere?

Hmm your right it cant be .60 beta. I wonder if Emre refreshed it in november?

I cannot remember, but I think I DL it from, at least, a website with all the Samba logos.

Try to download it again from this link and install it.

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Ok to be safe, can I suggest you uninstall the version you have, then download and install again 5.1.60 release from here, the link is in the first post:

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For future reference if you want to make sure your getting the legit most current version you can follow that V5 release forum category.

Will the reinstall erase my old definitions like the menu, templates and such?

No that is stored in a database not the software. You may need to setup some settings again but all configuration data is stored in the database.

OK, I will DL and reinstall now.

You can just run the installer it will remove the other version for you. Try that first if that doesnt work then try uninstall.

Once you reinstall, please check the version number again and let us know.

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