How to reset ticket no: count after ending every work period

could you please help me to Reset “ticket no:count” after i have ended working period


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@emre @JohnS @QMcKay @Jesse any idea guys ?

I don’t think there is a built-in way to reset the Ticket Number, since this type of operation isn’t recommended. The ability to track and go-back to tickets for review would essentially be lost.

The only instance this would be acceptable, imo, would be when you want to clear your DB when you go from testing to production, in which case, there is a SQL script to perform this action. It includes this line, which will accomplish what you are looking for, but I wouldn’t advise using this outside of the DeleteTransaction.sql script.

Use at your own risk!

update [SambaPOS4].[dbo].[Numerators] set [Number]=0 where [Name]='Ticket Number Generator'

I would recommend building something that tags your ticket with numerical value and using that as your ticket # that could be reset each work period.

I am not sure how it would be done I have not tried that yet. But it seems to me it might be possible to create a ticket tag that could assign a # sequentially as tickets are made using rules/constraints etc.

You could then use that tag as your ticket # without losing the true ability to backtrack tickets… could call the tag Your Order Number Is: [:NUMBER] and have it print on the customer receipt and your Tickets. Now that syntax is not real it would not work that way it was for illustration.

EDIT: It seems possible just thinking about it but I am sure it would be a rather complex set of rules/constraints to get it to work correctly.


The true beauty of this program is how flexible it is. If you study it and get a good understanding of how it works you can do things with it that the creators didn’t even imagine.

Just about anything is possible with it.

We have Ticket ID, and Ticket NO. While Ticket ID is an identity column, Ticket NO is not. Both are stored in the DB, but since so many operations depend on Ticket NO, I cannot recommend Resetting it every day.

I agree with @Jesse. Create your own number generator, or Ticket Tag, or Program Setting, and use it as you wish. But you will need to build all the rules around the new generator to make it operate the way you want.