How to reset to factory default like a fresh install in demo mode?

I have tried to reinstall a fresh download of V5 so that I can compare the effect of my errors or successes in following the tutorials in the forum. However, I cannot reset to factory default even though I reinstall the software in a system which I have made modifications to the rules, automations and so forth … What’s the proper way?

check your database you can delete old database and create a new one so it will totally become a new fresh demo like new install…

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Or you can just change the database string in your local settings, and put a new database name snd apply. It will automatically create a new one with that name feom scratch rather than even going into management tool

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Thanks guys, I used Shivan’s method and it works. I will try KarKVeiChhuy’s method as well later.

Update, so far deleting database seems not working “fully” in my case. It looks like default will switch to file base for the demo and still has some old data lingering. I need to recreate a new db in 2014 to completely reset everything back to demo mode…
Will document all combinations in installation and re-installation when I have time.