How to restore samba to default setting!Delete everything!

Hello! i created a test account in samba and put some test items and i would like to delete everything and restore samba to the original version that I have downloaded…if i uninstal it would restore evertyhing…!thanks

No you would need to delete the database and let it remake it. Uninstalling will in fact do nothing.

i dont know how to do that!could you post some screen pics of it?thanx

What Db you are using?CE,SQ
Double click on sambapos logo to see it on top.

CE database Located on C:\Users*Your username*\Documents\SambaPOS4\ sambapos4.sdf

SQL LocalDb Located on C:\Users*Your username*\ SambaPOS4.mdf+SambaPOS4_log.ldf

it is CE!I dont get how to delete and start it with default things ,i really dont get it! :frowning:
the forum doesn’t let me to upload a screenshot!
the thing this: C:\UsersYour username\Documents\SambaPOS4\ sambapos4.sdf i dont know how to open it…it doesnt run…!or what program should i use to open it?!

If you delete or rename the SDF file, you will wipe out absolutely everything, then on install and first run, it will be re-created with default settings if you choose CE DB install option.

I deleted the files you said and now i can open samba :frowning: