How to scan Sambacard Loyalty like barcode or QR code

Hello All!
Can I use SambaCard Search features to find customer by scan like barcode or QR code?

Yes just scan it and it should work.

Yes, that’s exactly how my setup works.
I have automation to select entity via numberpad entered rule also removing the need for going to entity screen - just scan at POS/ticket screen.

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any advice or tutorials related to scaner intergration

barcodes isnt really an integration.
Barcode scanners are just keyboards as far as the computer or samba knows. They just type out the code really quickly.
All you should need to do is use a numberpad entered rule to initiate whatever you want to do if its loyalty/members.
If its products you just enter the code in the barcode field of the product settings.

would you see if you can help me on my below question