How to Select at least one customer for a ticket?

How to configure Samba to Select at least one customer for a ticket befor the ticket is paid?
Thx for the answers!

Many ways…
Constrain settle button to check for entity names.
Tick select on ticket creation for ticket type.
Other custom automation workflows.
It’s hard to reconmend without knowing your system flow.

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Hello JTRTech
the first one you explaind, how i configure that…

On the settle automation command rule I would add an ask question action.
Then constrain the payment screen action to something like;
‘{ENTITY NAME:Customer}’ != ‘’
So it only works if customer selected and then the ask question saying 'you must select a customer with constraint of;
‘{ENTITY NAME:Customer}’ == ‘’
So it fires if there is no customer selected.

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Can you show me it with images, english is not my main language:slight_smile:
Sorry if im asking too much…

hmm… the “payment screen action” works how i make the ask question action?

yeaaahh it works many thanks!

@JTRTech And how its possible to make a minimum order price for example for delivery?
I have a “before ticket closing rule” with which i would like to use for it… i proved it wiht “Remaining Amount” and search in the forum but no luck…

Remaining amount will be balance/unpaid, from sounds of it you want {TICKET TOTAL}

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It works thank you! :slight_smile:

Hi @JTRTech,
i have another question :slight_smile:
how to not close the ticket before customer data is not filled?
i have a rule but its not working…
i did it like the “at least select one customer rule” but its not working…

That Event (Automation Command Executed) does not have access to Entity Data.

You will need to use a different Event (ie. Ticket Entity Changed) and store the Entity Data in Program Settings, or simply store a setting for something like canCloseTicket in a Program Setting, Ticket State or Ticket Tag.

Then later you can use Automation Command Executed Event and read the setting(s) (or State or Tag) to perform the Actions that you want.

For my setup I went with a ticket state called entity selected and automated to monitor table and room entities.

Can you show me an example how to do?
Sorry if that were a stupid question!
But english is not my native language, and i will understand it better what you mean…

Use an entity changed rule with constraint of new entity name is not null to set a ticket state of entitySelected
They constrain your ticket close automation command to only fire if ticket has the correct entity selected state.

other way todo this is by using ticket tag and action to create entity when tag is selected

so this is how your ticket tag should look like

and your action should look like this

then your rule should be like this

then you will get a button with customer that when selected will ask you for customer name like shown below

Hi @zaka360
thanks for the answer but thats not what im searching for.

  1. My workflow is this to open a delivery ticket with a customer which one has already been created.
  2. And if the Customer no have Adress data, i will have a ask question, and prohibided if no data is in that field. To make sure my staff choses a adress… thats all.

Di this but use entity data rather than entity name.

thank you that works good!