How to sell a Voucher?

Hey Wizards,

I would like to sell vouchers for costumers as a gift or normal sale. Is that possible? Im currently using an “Open food item” with no price so I can add but I need some control and agenda.

Thank you very much!

likely need to look at accounts, there are several voucher type systems documented on forum.

Thank you for your attention. Im following the tutorial:

I hope this works.

Thank you!

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Just dont fall into trap of misunderstand I see many do that is selling a voucher as sales then also sales for products when using vouchers, ie double declaring.
Thats where accounts come in with origional voucher bwing credit rather than a ‘sale’.
Different ways to handle with ticket types/departments or pain accounts.
How you handle it depends on how you manage your reports and accounting
Just make sure you understand the figures and don’t screw yourself over paying more tax etc that you have to.

Thank you very much @JTRTech. Gonna follow your advice :grinning: