How to send a message to printer(Kitchen) asked to wait to make the food items

Hi everyone,

I am not sure if this topic has been rise by other members yet. I would like to know how to send a message to kitchen printer in the ticket it show other food items.
Long story short due to the restaurant have high turnover and inexperienced wait staff member (dining in), they took all appetizers and entree at the same time and they input all order into the Samba system at once. Sometime in main entree came out much earlier than appetizers dish, that lead into a lot of problem between kitchen and staff members.

Current setup for the restaurant,
2x Awesome SambaPOS workstation, 2 x USB printer front desk and 2 network printer in kitchen, both printer were 15 feet away each other in the kitchen
Kitchen printer A (Appetizer)
Kitchen Printer B (Entree)

i would like to know if samba allow to send a short message after sent order to kitchen both printer A and B in the kitchen at the same time.
Printer A print all the apptz order
Printer B printer all Entree along with a message “Appetizers in this table please wait” this message will be show when appetizer order with entrees at the same time.


Look at courses setup, it’s been discussed a couple of times.
My setup sets state and group for starters/mains/desserts and printed them in groups on ticket.
My setup also allows changing course on the fly, example being child has a main that wants to come with starters, you select the order and change course to starter and it groups it with the starts on print.
You could then print all orders to both printers so the mains area can see there are starters and to wait for it to be called away.

thanks JTRTech,

i will check out your other post.