How to send comands to sambapos?

Thanks for the great software. I installed the menu and all settings that fit my business. Only one thing missing for me and did not understand how to set up. How is it possible to send commands to sambapos? Is sambapos can take commands via sms or via e-mail, for example?

No this is not possible.

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Technically you could… but it is not a feature of SambaPOS. It is a PHP library called Zend Framework v1
It can be designed to accept commands via email and translate that directly into the database.

I would NOT recommend this if you are a novice. You could COMPLETELY destroy your database if you do not know what you are doing.

Zend Framework is so comprehensive they even have their own certification program for Zend Engineers. So even tho I mentioned it as possibility, which it is, its not realistic unless your fluent with Zend Framework. You will NOT find help to implement it. You would have to understand and code it yourself.

I was testing it with my TimeTrex database. At one point I had it setup so my employees could clock in and out via email. It worked great but then i realized I would never use that lol