How to send email report please help me


How to send email report please help me…


Using the search feature of the forum you can find many things… :wink:

please help me by using the search


this is not wotking…


What’s not working? Search? I just tested the forum search it worked fine.


sending email report is not working


It definitely works we have it working on our setup. Share your setup and screenshots. Tell us in more detail what you have done for us to be able to help.


Just saying it doesn’t work will not get you much help. We have no way to know what mistake you made because we can’t see your configuration. The tutorial works. Lots of people use it. Please if you want our help you gotta help us help you.

I hope you can see why just saying it does not work will not get you anywhere here.


what is this?
i don’t understand.


That is the directory to the file name for the report export.
That tutorial is presumably adding unique values into the filename to keep a backlog on files for their exported reports.
If you just want to export and send you can use a static filename/directory and it will be overwritten each time.



Give it permission to access that folder


how to give permission?


With windows. Google windows file permissions. Or use a different directory.


sorry sir i don’t understand.


Search on Google for how to set windows file permissions. That is not a Sambapos thing it’s a Windows thing. Or use a folder that windows gives permission to save to.


You could try printing report to a virtual PDF printer like bulldog PDF printer or Adobe PDF printer.
Sure it’s been discussed on forum.
If it needs to be completely automated you need one where you can pedefine the PDF filename as most prompt for name by default. Then attach PDF file to email.