How to separate order tag items on separate kitchen screen

hi need help for separating order tag item for kitchen separate screens can any one help me please it is urgent please see the screen shot and help me

Its always urgent and FYI saying its urgent wont make anyone answer quicker, everyone always says its urgent…

Not 100% sure on what your asking but if you want to show order tag without its parent product the only way I can think of would be to set the [ORDER] line to not show anything but leave tags showing.

as i have 3 separate kitchen screen’s and i want order tag to be fire separate to selected kitchen screen like separate kitchen area
like pizza is product and in pizza i have order tags in pizza like chicken pizza , mutton pizza and when i punch the product 1st pizza will go to kitchen 1 screen mutton pizza should go to kitchen 2 screen , chicken pizza should go to kitchen 3 screen

And you dont use individual products or portions because?

because it is meal deal
in meal deal i have 4 type of order tag name when i click meal deal as product i have this order tags drinks n in that all type of drinks then pizza all type of pizza then pasta all type of pasta

Only thing I can think of is like i said, set different template for each printer and define formatting to only display specific order tags.
Personally, I would just print whole order to all.
Or you could use the adjust price action in a combo setup like jesse has tutorialed on forum which would be a far more logical approach.
Where seperate products are grouped onscreen as part of a combo price.

i saw his tutorial i think better is template option so can u tell me how to do it in template for particular order tag

Its not better, its a dirty hack that dont know if will work and will be higher maintenance.
In short look at how void orders are ‘hidden’ by being a specified format with do tags/expressions and look at making something similar for specific tags.
Am not going to spend any time holding your hand on this possible solution as will never need it myself and unlikely anyone else will.

ok i will check with his tutorial and update later