How to set free Meal

How to make free meal for employee, where every day just 8 free meal can be give to employee.
i set product free meal price = 1
i think i will use sale transaction, but i can’t constraint count total product “free meal” is out or how much left or remain can be sale at 1 day. so i can cancel order
i confuse to count it at constraint

You wont want to cancel you will likely want to mimic the gift automation which changes price to 0 and marks as a gift.
As for constraint you will likely want to use a program setting value which gets increased each time a meal is ‘staff gifted’
This program setting would need to be reset on work period end.

There is an update program setting action which you would use to update the count each time and also to reset (change to 0) in a work period closed or opened event.

Could you give me clue to make it

using the search function in the forum and keying “DISCOUNT” will help you a lot:

here some examples:


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i don’t want use discount, because on site store, i do not give employee give discount.
if i noted its as gift item, but how to count it to now how much its out

As Gerlandog has shown there are many tutorials and info on discounts.
Obviously these will not be specific to your use and to be honest do not have the time to write a tutorial for your specific use.
The links will cover the discount side, the bit you will find less info on is ‘validating’ the codes.
The way to implement this will depend on how to intend to generate and distribute these vouchers/codes which you haven’t explained.
Help can only be offered when we fully understand your intended flow.
Are you looking to pre-generate codes? Generate a code to go on a receipt if they spend a certain amount for use on next visit? Or another option.
There are many ways you might intend to do this and Samba will be able to take on most if not all of them given the flexibility but we need to know more info on how you intend for it to work.