How to set notification on Finished or Sold Items by Kitchen

I felt the need for an Action which is because If a Item or product finished in the kitchen, Order take did not know about it during order taking. So we need to create a rule which will tell Order Taker about the finished items after marking by Kitchen.
Here we can think about a function which will stop selling finished Items.

Experts please suggest me about this system.

i think you can put a scratch line on name of product which is finished

how we put scratch line. Please explain.

something like this i am telling about you can see the image but still more options you can find.


You’re telling me about Void, but it’s different process You have to add an order first then you have to Void.
What I want is that When order is added then a notification appears that this product is over.
The Order Taker will tell the customer at the same time that the product is finished in kitchen. And this process must go on till then until reactivated from the kitchen or end of Work Period.

what module you are using for kithcen is that printer or bump bar can u show any image

So confusing. I think he’s asking for a way to mark an item as sold out.

You are right sir, I feel it’s necessary that when a customer calls for delivery Order Taker don’t know about sold items so it causes trouble with delivery.