How to set up a catering service order

Aedas is a take out/eat in restaurant with a catering services offering. I need to be able to take in customers’ food orders with the event details, such as event time & dates, event location, contact person’s phone and print an invoice that captures all the details with the deposit payment that has been made. The challenges are: 1. I cannot find where to capture event details as outlined
2. I assume I can print invoice by adjusting a ticket template, but the problem is that the ticket will not be closed until the balance is paid which is within a 30 day period. That affects the workday closing.

How can I solve the problems above? I am completely new to a POS system, and a MAC user, so not very comfortable with Windows. But I have spent about 3 weeks now, teaching myself SambaPos, and so far, I have been able to get the product list, menu and its categories, and inventory set up already and about to start creating recipes for the take out/eat in business offering. I don’t think I should have any problem with that. But I think that is as far as I can go for now. I need help moving forward! What do I need to do to set up the catering business offering? Thanks in advance!

1… You could create a new Entity to capture the details need. I assume this is specifics like address, names, guests, etc

2… There are two way to do this. Make the tickets a pre-order

Or settle tickets to an account to be paid later.

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Thanks @JohnS for your quick response. The challenge now is that I am not yet quite clear about Entities, what they are and what their roles are. But I will definitely research till I get what to do. I will work on what you have suggested and see what works for me. Thanks again.