How to set up error proof salad creation wizard


I like to set up my menu like this. if some one can point me in good direction.

when I click on salad menu than I can get 6 product list if I select one of them, then first modifier will show up ( 4 option) as soon as I click any of this modifier, then it should take me to dressing selection, once I select dressing, then it should take me to the selection of condiments, after I select those condiments then it should take me to the packing option. I want to do this for phone order so employee don’t miss anything and customer get happy :smile:

in short

Salad --> (garden, chicken Caesar, Greek salad)—>one of this (Lettuce, Spinach, Romaine Heart, Mixed Green) —>1 or 2 of this(oil, vinegar, mustard, ranch, Caesar, …)---->6 ot 7 of this (avocado, beets, black olives, tomato , onion, almond, green pepper, cucumber, …) —> dressing mixed or on side -----> dine in or take out.

I need to set up this way to stop human error.


Hello Tom. This is how you can configure SambaPOS.

Click Salads > Caesar

This screen will automatically appear if you configure salad buttons as Auto Select

If a required option skipped you’ll see a warning.

Why we do not prefer sequential wizards?

I agree wizard like interface sounds good for operators but customers does not think sequentially. They’ll constantly say “Did I said Lettuce?”, “I forgot to say I want black olives” or “Can you change avocado with cucumber?”, etc. As customer force us to navigate back and forward through steps, wizard like interface will be harder to use.


Hi Emre

I did as order tag. as per your tutorial but I thought if I missing something.

Thank you


Can you please tell me how i can hide Favs? after making selection in Favs tag i want to select dressing.

i have another 21 dressing to fit on the screen i don’t want to scroll the screen up

any solution ?