How to set up members accounts then use magnetic cards

This follows a previous post,regarding the issue of usage of members card in sambapos. It is still not clear to me
Imagine a situation like food canteen for corporate company. All the members are issued with magnetic strip card so that they will be producing every time they come for meals in the canteen.
In the back office we want to open members accounts and credit them with respective amount of money they pay,when members exhaust their accounts no more transaction can be done.
just to explain further,i want to create customers accounts.whenever the customer comes in for lunch ,he produces his card that the waiter uses to swipe and open his account.
When the orders are made the payment is debited from the customers account.
if the account has insufficient funds the transaction will not go through hence no order will be posted ,however we can offer the credit limit up to a particular level.

Mag cards and RFIDs are nothing more than a storage medium for holding an (alpha)numeric code. This code can relate to a Member ID, which is a custom data field for an Entity (i.e. Customer), which in turn is tied to an Account.

There is nothing special about their use. Swiping a card emulates keyboard input to locate an Entity within SambaPOS. This simply saves having to type in a member ID using the keyboard.

An Account Type can be set to “Credit” mode so that when the balance reaches zero, it can no longer be used as a payment method. “Topping-up” or adding funds to an account can be done via Account Transactions and Account Transaction Documents and (optionally) with automation.

Your scenario is no different than any other Customer Account scenario.


Thanks a lot man, i need to learn samba more so i can be perfect like you.I am now evaluating samba accounts, i believe by the end of this i will be able to know how accounts are tied to entities and account type.Thanks indeed QMcKay