How to set upTabs

Hi can anyone help me set up tabs please.

If you follow steps of below document, you can complete the setup. In case of if you need any help please inform me.

8.1. Android Mobile Client V2 Setup

Hi had a look at this and don’t think it is what I am looking for. I have a windows tablet set up as a till for a bar. I want to provide customers with the facility to have open tabs so that they can put more drinks on and then pay at the end.

I did a video tutorial on my temp tabs setup. It uses ticket tag rather than entity which means you don’t end up with hundreds of random entities from one off tabs.


Thank you for this. I will need to give myself a good hour or more to set this up.
Many thanks David.

Its not a overly complex setup and shouldn’t take long but the video is a good step by step walk through which I created as a learning tool so if your more familiar with the automation system you can probably skip bits as wanted it to be a learning tool rather than just a how to.

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I am very new to the system so will need to go slowly and carefully.


If you new check out my other videos. I put together several similar video tutorials for beginers learning the samba automation system.

@JTRTech where do I find your videos.

Look at the seccond post on that linked topic, it links to several others.
Or search on the forum for ‘voiceover’, most are 4k couple just HD

Here’s a tutorial i did

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