Rick's Tutorial 8 - Bar Tab & Parked Sales Setup

As i dont need to store customer details in the database for bar tabs there is no need to start creating customer entities to add to the receipt, we can accomplish a nice bar tab setup using ticket tags

This is my flow:

  1. Add Items To Ticket

  2. Press Open Bar Tab Button

  3. Enter Customers Name to Assign to Bar Tab and press OK

  4. Ticket Status updated to bar tab, ticket type updated to bar tab, autoprint bar tab enabled so my customised bar tab receipt will print on ticket close, customers name added to bottom of ticket as ticket tag

As the ticket state has updated to bar tab some buttons disappear as i only have the ones you can see mapped to appear for a bar tab. at the top left you can see the Close & Update Bar Tab button. After adding all the orders press this button to close the ticket and print the bar tab receipt to give the customer so they know what their bill is. i have auto log out rules so when this button is pressed and ticket closes the pos is logged out

  1. When logging back in my main POS screen again has certain button assigned, some change and disappear when an order is added and the ticker state changes. For now you can see the Recall Bar Tab Button

  2. Press Recall Bar Tabs to bring up a ticket list of all open and active (unpaid) bar tabs. You can see it shows the ticket number (26) the unique ticket ID (4144), the bar tab total and the customers name so we know whose bar tab it is.

Also to make recalling the bar tab quicker the receipt that prints each time you add orders and “Close & Update” has a barcode, so you can simply scan to open the bar tab instead of pressing the Recall Bar Tab button and then finding the order in the ticket list, especially if you have a lot of bar tabs open.

  1. select bar tab from list to open it

you can now either settle the ticket to fully pay it and “close” the bar tab, or add more orders to the bar tab, and press the update and close button to produce an updated receipt for the customer with their bill.

Additional Features

  1. I have set it so the ticket type changes, so when the bar tab is open and active (unpaid) the ticket type is bar tab. So you can easily view bar tabs from the main menu ticket screen as below

This will remain as bar tab until the ticket is paid, i then have it set to change to Sale, as the ticket is paid and the bar tab is no longer open, so it is no longer a bar tab, its just a sale transaction. ive settled the example ticket and here you can see the ticker type updated to sale

  1. All bar tabs need a limit right? so I have set mine to £50, if you try to add orders that take the ticket total above £50 the following message appears

New bar tab opened, orders added that total more than my £50 limit, press the “Close & Update Bar Tab” button

The following message appears

You now have two choices, pay the bar tab in full and then simply open a new one OR remove items from the ticket to take the total below the limit and the bar tab will then close when pressing the close and update button

  1. Bar Tab Receipt

Ill try and work on a Database Tools File and upload it

I used exactly the same principle for my Parked Sales Setup, the only difference is that i have more ticket tags than just name to capture customers details (name, address, phone, email etc), and as i sell some products that can be ordered i set the ticket type to pre-order so that the work period can be closed with all my parked sales still “active”

All the ticket tags can also be added to print on the receipt so it works really well

Parked Sales

Ticket tags added

press close and update parked sales for receipts to print (one for customer and one for store)


This is exactly what I need… is there a tutorial on how to build this or a database file??

Super kind regards


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ill try and put a database file together tonight, it would take quite a while to manually explain the full setup with screenshots (and would be easier for you to implement in your system)

Ill try and do it tonight if i have time and test it on the default database to make sure it works ok

brilliant amazing thanks :slight_smile: xxx

I have now updated this setup to includee

Name Change (admin approval needed)
Limit Change (admin approval needed)

So if customers name is wrong or it needs to be changed it can

Option to increase bar tab limit on a ticket

Ill post the updates hopefully tomorrow

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I still want to steal this :smile:


You can lol, ill update the tutorial with the changes, theres a small bit to setup for the renaming of a bar tab then theres some small changes to existing rules and actions and a couple of small new bits for the limit change

It will give more flexibility for limits for different customers that are easily increased or decreased anytime with admin approval so the limits cant be changed without manager permissions :slight_smile:

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Hey @RickH ,

How do I get to add this feature? is there a step by step guide yet or is this still in development?

Im using V5 now and have updated it with the additional features in V5, it will be released very soon so best wait for that and ill upload a database tools file so you can just import the setup into yours


Hi Rick

I just started using SambaPos, and is trying to set it up for use as a bar/pub point of sale. I came across your tutorial and this is all the features I need etc.

Can I download a copy of your database somewhere?

Your assistance will be much appreciated.



You should follow his tutorials so you learn how it works.

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Hi Kendash

Thank you for your reply. I did follow the tutorial, but still very confused. I am a novice to SambaPOS, and working with entities, screens, tickets is all a bit confusing.

A databse that I can manipulate will be great. But I am trying to set it up myself.


Trust me you will learn faster by doing the tutorials. Just recognize you won’t learn it over night and have some patience. Practice with lots of tutorials even ones you may not need.