How to setting Many Ticket Print


I’m 3 computer and 4 Ticket printer.

4 Floor Restaurant.
setting is each floor 1 Computer 1 Ticket Printer.

And Floor 1 Computer is Main Server.
Want to print the receipt from the printer with each each floor.

Each computer has the printer driver is installed.
The first floor is print no problem.
However, other floors, the printers print an error occurs.

How to setting…

You can use this simple trick.

Alternative solution.

How to handle if each floor have to print checker to table at same time execute print to kitchen ?

Sorry couldn’t understand your question but if you are asking how to map products to specific ticket printers you can find a sample here. See how we map bar and kitchen items to different printers.

Computer A order and print to Print Checker to place at the table. and the same time execute print to kitchen.

Computer B order and print like Computer A but at different floor.
For kitchen or Bar print, i can do it but for print checker at every computer, how to handle

Samba references the printer name within windows, if you have a receipt/ticket printer on each floor setup each floor printer on the corresponding computer and name the same - something like floor printer.
That would print to floor printer based on terminal.
Depends on how your setting up your printers.

Should i to give all floor printer same name?
So i just give rule just once? or i must to give different name and different rule too

It does depend on your setup but for receipt printers and multiple terminals its just one rule and the printer for each terminal can be named the same - ‘receipt printer’, each samba install sees the same print job saying print to receipt printer and looks for that printer name in windows, samba only looks at printer name, not its port or Ip address etc.
This is really handy and can be done the same with shared printers if you say wanted to use a ‘receipt printer’ on bar as the bar order printer. (add the shared printer on the other machines and name as bar printer on all and setup one print job mapped to drinks and bar printer.

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For Samba to use the printer it needs to be installed on the computers OS. Simply install the printer and give it a name. This could be a local printer, network printer, or shared printer (not recommended). Then set it for that terminals settings

After its done and working you might need to setup different print jobs and rules to change your printer template for specific terminals.

You could perhaps draw a flowchart so we can understand how the terminals and printers are expected interact and what os/interfaces these devices are running?


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Thank You so much.
Sambapos very nice. ^^

And Thank you for your answers too.