How to setup only prepaid customer account?

I want to setup prepaid customer account where customer recharge his/her account first and then he/she will be allowed to purchase the stuff till the balance reaches zero.

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Start from here.

Hi emre,

Thanks for your reply. I have implement samba card and customer accounts. My scenario is best suited with both of this but it doesn’t go with gift certificate one.

It is a canteen of a collage. I have created a customer account for each student.

The only problem is it is allowing the student to spent more then the balance in their account.

I just want to restrict this and my solution is complete.

You can setup an add limit payment processor for that but I recently fixed a related issue so it will work fine on 5.1.61 release.

Expression to add customer balance limit.

[=0-TN('{ENTITY BALANCE:Customers}')]

PS: Please don’t discuss same stuff under separate topics. It makes it harder to follow for other people.

Okay emre,

Thank you so much for your support.