How to setup, Order Tag Group "X" must be selected before selecting Order Tag Group "Y"

I have this condition, if a customer want extra topping with lower price (e.g. ¢5), they must choose the first topping to add (e.g. ¢8). Then they may to add extra topping with lower price. By the way, I duplicate the order tag group in order to have the free order tag, and different price order tag, and this apply to my TSPL barcode/label printer coordinate the order tag group positioning.

The idea is the similar to mapping, but I can’t seem to find any mapping options that relates to order tag group.

This is the screenshot of the problem I’m having:

Dont think you can do that…
I think what your trying to achieve of different price based on qty of toppings can be done a better way.
Sure someone else did similar recently but other way round that first topping was free by overriding the tag price based on tag qty.

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JR I cant remember how I did it, but when setting up the soft play POS I set this up.

You choose 1 from additional toppings, then more toppings would appear depending on what you selected… so this is possible.

I haven’t got my windows PC here so cant look into it now. Ill have a look tomorrow morning on how I did that and get back.



Ny seen or tried myself, would be interesting to see when you get the chance.


I knew Samba can do it! I can’t wait to see your setup on how to do that. Appreciated with thanks!

I cant work it out. I wonder if I’m mistaken and did it mapped to portion size?

There is a section for mapping portion size. Maybe you could work it out this way?


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maybe @emre could add mapping for additional tags if selected? although this could turn into a disastrous loop…

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I don’t know if it fits to your case but by using portion mapping you can map order tag groups to portions. So you can have something like that.

PS: Portion mapping is a V5 feature.

Using portions have advantages like you can report items by portions so you can know how many toppings preferred most. Also you may have different prices for different products.


Emre, that’s brilliant idea! Thanks a lot for your advice! I will try to do it this way on V5 version.

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Hello All,

How is this Portion Mapping done in a case where side orders or toppings apply to large range of Products

Any tutorial?