How to show the prices of items and total amount as three places of decimel

How to show the prices of items and total amount as three places of decimel as 3.254 BHD(Bahrain Dinar)

SambaPOS does not support more than 2 decimal places. Does BHD have 1/1000 coin?

I solved this problem by using the local currency setting as #0.000

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And @riyas_k13 where exactly is the local currency definition in SambaPOS. As I want to setup the currency as three decimals as well in Kuwait.

Thanks in Advance.

Syed Waqas Ahmad

we want change it in the source code, search #0.00 replace with #0.000

Hi Riyas

please where did you setup “local currency setting as #0.000”
and wich version are you using


if using V4 there is no access to the source code so that may not be possible to do, as Emre has said, Samba doesnt support more than 2 decimal places

has there ever been any updates on using more than 2 deciamls for a selling price, it accepts it but rounds it up or down. We have bulk items that we sell in Litres and we buy in bulk so the price we need is actually 3 or sometimes 4 decimal places.

can we alter the sorce as mentioned in 4.

i know its easy to say that it is not required but I bet more people would use it if it was.


Samba only supports 2 decimal places at the moment and V4 and V5 are not open source and never will be

If there is a great demand for 3 or more decimal places @emre may add it if its possible but depends on how many people need that function above other functions that are implemented

We may have 3 decimals with V5 but I need to find a way to set it up even before creating database :slight_smile:

Anyone still has that much zeros in their currency? We’ll also support 0 decimals.