How to specify a list of terminals under the Terminal column for a Print Job

I have three terminal names: A, B and C. I have a print job that should work for A and B. How do I specify two terminals in the Terminal column of the Print Job?

I have tried:

A, B
A; B

You dont, you add two mapping lines on the print job.

The easiest solution is to have your printers names the same on each terminal as samba only looks at printer names within local windows.

Ie my receipt printer is local to each terminal and i name the receipt printer ‘Ticket Printer’ on every machine meaning receipts are printed to the local usb printer for every terminal using a single job and single mapping line

Kitchen printer is networked and setup on each terminal with the name Kitchen Printer, again meaning all terminals print to whatever printer is called Kitchen Printer on the local windows printers list.