How to start from 1 every day the ticket number


How to start from 0 every day the ticket number


Search the forum this has been discussed and documented quite a bit

You need to create your own number generation that resets each day


Thank you for your help, but pls can you give me the link of that.


Search is in upper right of forum.


V2 tutorial but will still work


Dear RickH,

i have follow the tuto as his mentioned, and see one thing that i didn’t understand:

i didn’t get “increase Daily Number”

Rule for Giving Next Number to Ticket
Create a new rule, Name it as “Give Ticket Number” and select “Ticket Created” event.
Click “Select Actions”. Choose “Increase Daily Number” and “Tag Ticket with Counter Number”
This rule will increase the number and tag ticket with that number.


Those are actions, have you created them?


the actions name that i have creat are:

1.Increase daily counter
2.Tag Ticket With Counter Number
3.Reset Daily Counter

they are no “Increase Daily Number” on the list


Guess it means increase daily counter…



I don’t what happen but is not working for me, can you help me


Obviously that was a typo and Emre meant to say Increase Daily Counter for the rule.


Hello Dear!

Can you get me screen shot for this tuto pls.


It’s all in the one linked already.


I searched without finding anything,


thank you i get it