How to Stay at Payment Page after Pay Exact Amount

Currently at my Payment Page, if customer paid the exact amount, I will click on All button then follow by CASH button. Problem is system redirect me back to Table selection page. I would prefer it stay at Payment page as I still need to Print Bill to customer. Kindly advice.

Why not set your bill to print after you have processed payment, so you would select ALL, then you are returned to table screen and the bill prints at the same time?

Create a payment processed rule, add a custom constraint {TICKET TOTAL} equals zero, then add your print bill action

Now everytime a ticket is fully paid your bill will automatically print


Hi @RickH,

I do not want it to be printed automatically, I want to print it upon request where I will still click on Print Bill button in Payment screen. So, is there any way to stay at Payment Screen after I click on All and CASH buttons?

No it can not stay at Payment screen. You could setup an ask question action so when payment processed it would ask if you want to print or not.


I am okay with the suggested option. Is there a step by step guide to setup the ask question action?

The Forum Search Function brings up this as the first topic when you search for “Ask Question Action” …

Other discussions appear as well, for example, this one (the 2nd result) applies to asking whether or not to print the bill…

Thank you very much. I have got it work.