How to stop Auto print Kitchen Ticket for restaurant Department


We have one Terminal and one Printer for Kitchen and Receipt ticket

I have two departments, Restaurant and Takeaway.

Currently when order is taken for Restaurant and delivery Ticket, Kitchen ticket is printed automatically when ‘Close’ (Close) is executed.

I would like Kitchen Ticket to be printed automatically for Delivery Orders ONLY and NOT for Restaurant orders.

Can someone confirm what rules need to be set


Ticket Closing Rule controls this. You need to clone it, as Ticket Closing Rule Restaurant, remove the Execute Kitchen Orders Print Job action, and change the mapping to Restaurant Department.

Then go to the original Ticket Closing Rule and change the mapping to Delivery.

Logoff and Logon.

Thank you John, appreciated

Hi john,

I have tried this…
However, Ticket closing Rule for the Restaurant does NOT work. Status for the table does NOT get updated. please see attached screen capture of the issue.


sorry, screen capture attached of the issue.

Ticket Closeing issue with (233.3 KB)

Your problem is bigger than this.
You have no Ticket Status, or Order Status in one of those examples.
Did you clone the Ticket Closing Rule or create a new Rule?
Can you post the settings in the Actions for the Rules too please. Something is missing.

sorry, my bad. I created new Restaurant Rule. which caused the issue. Cloning the Ticket Rule resolved the issue.

Thank you very much for the solution…