How to stop printing bills that have not been paid


I’m creating a database with two modules for my fast food restaurant: Dine in and Delivery, however i’m facing a huge issue. In the Dine in module, the printing is working fine, however, when i clone that department to “delivery” and select “Ticket Creation Method” to “Select Entity” , what happens is that if i’ve added a product and i click “Close” without settling the bill, it will still print the Bill! Whereas that doesn’t happen in Dine In and if i already have some items added it won’t close till i remove them. Does anyone know why that happens and how to overcome this?

Long story short: For Delivery, I don’t want the bill printed when it hasn’t been paid.


You need to find the Rule where the Print Bill Action is being executed, and remove that Action, or modify the constraints of the Rule (and/or duplicate the Rule for another department).

I don’t remember which rule executes this job by default, since I removed the Auto-Print a long time ago, and instead setup my own Automation Command to Print the Bill on-demand. Sorry, but that’s the general idea.

Thanks! Solved it. Had to change the state that the close command could be executed!

Okay, now i’ve run into another problem! In one of the departments IF i have nothing on the menu (that is after i’ve cancelled after adding an item ) and i click Close, the status goes back from “new order” to “new” and i’m able to navigate to the main menu and other places. However, this is not the case in the other department.

In short, can anyone tell me how i can set up the commands so that when i have removed an item after adding it how can the order status go to “new” from “new orders”?

Paxi we don’t have an order state called new orders. Do you mean the status of the ticket? If so New Order Adding Rule controls it. You can have more control by handling Order Cancelled Rule. However I couldn’t understand exact issue because if a ticket does not contain an order it should skip printing. Maybe your issue related with your printer configuration.