How to stop receipts after payment on ticket close

Is there a way to stop the receipts from printing after payment is received? I would like to only print out if a customer requests a receipt. I am running V5.
*Addendum, Ticket printing rule was part of Loyalty Card set up, but would still like print receipt button on show change question.

Pretty sure printing receipt on payment isnt default so you would have added that.
Might I sugest perhaps the show change type setup with print bill option from my tutorial here;

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Hi Joseph,

Thank you for your quick response, how do you put on the print bill button as not in the tutorial video :wink:

The print bill button is part of the basic setup for SambaPos you should see it on your pos screen



if you cant see the button look in your automation commands to see if it has been unmapped

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Hi Krypton Factor,

I appreciate that the button is on screen but I should have made my question clearer, I would like the button on the generic ask question change feature that was tutorial-ed by JTRTech

Just seen your edit to your first post - so take it you want the Print Bill button to popup with the change total.

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yes, at the moment just OK shows

Dont personally use the popup change ask question but you can take a look at this post: Help With Ask Question Action

and possibly use it in your flow.

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I thought it was on the video at the end.
You would need to add an extra button on the ask question then add a rule with command name from the ask question and command value of your print bill button and put a print action in that.

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Thanks both,

Worked out how to add 2nd button to ask question (Separate with comma) and typed in “OK,Print Bill” and this automatically ran the print bill rule.